November 2012
All At Sea - A Musical Voyage

The Programme

1. The Pirates of Penzance - Overture, Arthur Sullivan

2. The Hebrides Overture, Mendelssohn

3. On the Quarter Deck, Kenneth J. Alford

4. The Four Seasons - Autumn, Vivaldi Soloist and Conductor: Amanda Lake          Allegro / Adagio Molto / Allegro

5. H.M.S Pinafore Selection, Arthur Sullivan

6. By the Sleepy lagoon, Eric Coates, Arr. George Pollen

====================== Interval ==================

7. Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 5 (The Emperor), Beethoven                         Soloist: Simon Ballard                                                                                                       Allegro / Adagio / Rondo

8. The Seven Seas March, Eric Coates

9. The Flying Dutchman Overture, Richard Wagner

10. The Padstow Life boat, Malcolm Arnold, Arr. John Avery

The Orchestra

(guest players in italics)

1st Violins

Amanda Lake, Jinny Gribble, Rachel Haver, Carole Kaldor, Janet Shelley, Lynne Thomson, David Wallace

2nd Violins

Lesley Lemon, John Beckett, Polly Dickinson, Sue Gillis, Michael McConnell, Paul Richards, Marion Molteno


Tony Smith, Christine Anderson, Gareth Hamill, Tracey Milne


Lynda Trice, Lynda Forsyth, Martin Heath, Sarah Higgs, Margaret Houston, Clive Jackson, Vicky Turnbull

Double Basses

James Slade, Michael Atkinson


Elaine Herbert, Barbara Sykes*


Barry Collisson, Katy Warren*


Andrew Norris, Jo Wood


Paula Burton, Karen Carter

French Horns

Peter KaldorSally Myles, Roger Sowter


Paul Harris, Colin Thomas

Trombones/Bass Trombone*

Keith Maxwell, Mike ThomsonLen Tyler


Katie Tyler, Chris King