January 2015
A Pelly Portrait of England

The Programme

Thunderbirds are Go, Barry Gray, arr. George Pollen

Soirée Musicales, Rossini, arr. Benjamin Britten

Overture: The Arcadians, Lionel Monckton

Barwick Green, Arthur Wood, arr. George Pollen

On Banks of Green Willow, George Butterworth

The Grasshopper's Dance, Ernest Bucalossi

Themes from 007, John Barry, arr. Custer

========================= Interval =====================

Crown Imperial, William Walton, arr. Stone

Petite Suite de Concert, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

Walk to the Paradise Garden, Frederick Delius, arr. Beecham

Little Suite for Orchestra, Malcolm Arnold

The Orchestra

(guest players in italics)

1st Violins

David Wallace, Leon Crampin, Judy Dudley, Sarah Gilbert, Jinny Gribble, Ann Highley, Zami Jalil

2nd Violins

Lesley Lemon, Polly Dickinson, Sue Gillis, Alice Gribble, Carole Kaldor, Michael McConnell


Tony Smith, Tracey Milne, Bob Perry, Philip Thorne


Lynda Trice, Martin Heath, Sarah Higgs, Margaret Houston, Clive Jackson, Victoria Turnbull

Double Basses

Lorraine CollinsMichael Atkinson, David Barnes


Elaine Herbert, Barbara Sykes*


Barry Collisson, Katy Warren*


Andrew Norris, Helen Lister


Paula Burton, Karen Carter

French Horns

Peter KaldorTim Jones, Roger Sowter, Katie Smith


Tim Stoney, Chris Preddy, Paul Harris

Trombones/Bass Trombone*

Frances Jones, Mike ThomsonLen Tyler*


Paula Goodwin


Katie Tyler, Neil Marshall, Sharon Reeves


Charlie Grimsey