December 2016
Christmas Concert

The Programme

Sleigh Ride, Leroy Anderson

Around the World at Christmas Time, arr. Chase

Troika, Prokofiev, arr. Pollen

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, Marks, arr. Cerulli

Frosty the Snowman, Nelson/Rollins, arr. Moss

Walking in the Air from the Snowman, Howard Blake

Soloists: Alexandra Malaque and Harrison Smye-Rumsby

Christmas Festival, Leroy Anderson

Christmas in the Kitchen, Arr. Storey

Christmas at the Movies, arr. Krogstad

Carols – to be chosen by the audience

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Pola/Wyle, arr. Cerulli

The Orchestra

(guest players in italics)

1st Violins

David Wallace, Judy Dudley, Jinny Gribble, Rachel Haver, Anne Highley, Lynne Thomson, David White

2nd Violins

Lesley Lemon, Sue Gillis, Carole Kaldor, Michael McConnell, Anna Storrs, Lee Mackie, Graeme Miller


Tony Smith, Bob Perry, Douglas Hannah, Clare Stevinson, Sally Stanford


Lynda Trice, Martin Heath, Lesley Evans, Sarah Higgs, Margaret Houston, Clive Jackson

Double Basses

Lorraine Collins, Sally SwiftJames Slade


Elaine Herbert, Barbara Sykes*


Barry Collisson, Katy Warren*


Andrew Norris, Helen Lister


Paula Burton, Karen Carter

French Horns

Peter Kaldor, Tim Jones, Roger Doulton


Chris Preddy, Tim Stoney, Caroline Jones

Trombones/Bass Trombone*

Frances JonesMike Thomson, Paul Dodge*


Chris King, James Ratcliffe


Linda Tan