July 2023
Pelly Goes Continental


1.  March: Colonel Bogey, Kenneth Alford

2.  In the Steppes of Central Asia, Alexander Borodin

3.   Chinese Dance from The Nutcracker, Peter Iilich Tchaikovsky

4.  España, Rhapsody for Orchestra, Emmuel Chabrier

5.  By the River (Florida Suite), Frederick Delius

6.  Jamaican Rumba, Arthur Benjamin

7.  In a Persian Market, Albert Ketèlbey

8.  The Padstow Lifeboat, Malcolm Arnold, arr. John Avery

======== INTERVAL =========

9.  Hungarian Dance No. 5, Johannes Brahms, orch. Parlow

10. Theme from Out of Africa, John Barry, arr. George Pollen

11. Mock Morris, Percy Grainger

12. Theme from Lawrence of Arabia, Maurice Jarre, arr. George Pollen

13. Masquerade - The Merchant of VeniceArthur Sullivan

- Introduction

- Barcarole - Serenade

- Bourrée

- Finale

14. Mexican Hat Dance, Traditional, arr. Peter Hope, edit. George Pollen

The Orchestra

(guest players in italics)

1st Violins

Vanessa Russell, Jinny Gribble, Lynne Thomson, Penny Cantwell, Sue Gillis, Carol Kaldor, Viv Taylor, Dave White

2nd Violins

Kim Dyos, Ashley Canning, Lee Mackie, Paul Richards, Katie Herrington, Jane Hunter, Michael McConnell


Judy Dudley, Pippa Cuckson, Alan Munro, Johns Nicholls, Cheryl Brown


Lynda Trice, Martin Heath, Margaret Houston, Clive Jackson, Laura Tudor, Lesley Evans

Double Basses

Lorraine Collins, Sally Swift, James Slade


Barbara Sykes, Hayley Shlackman*


Barry Collisson, Jane Cleaver*

Clarinets/Bass Clarinet*/Saxophone*

Andrew Norris, Alice Overd, Anne Smith*


Paula Burton, Martin Cocks

French Horns

Peter Kaldor, Michael Glover, Tim Jones


David Cunningham, Judy Freeman

Trombones/Bass Trombone*

John Taylor, Frances Jones, Paul Dodge*


Kim Sargeant, Dave Lambert, Maria Kolpakchi


Linda Tan